The very first pilot deal was made using a new solution for safekeeping and transfer of digital assets.

D3Ledger was created by experienced blockchain specialists to address the lack of security measures in digital asset transactions. The D3 solution allows every investor to start working with digital assets with the same level of reliability and compliance of traditional assets.

And so that licensed financial intermediaries can now enjoy a comprehensive, decentralized solution for providing their services.

Problem with Existing Digital Asset Investment:
In theory, digital assets are anonymous and therefore cannot be traced or attributed to a real person. This lack of transparency creates a hurdle for regulators, institutional investment, and makes otherwise permanent transactions impossible to properly audit and potentially reverse.

Create a standardized, decentralized custody network to allow for transparency, safe storage, and auditable blockchain transactions.
This way, each market participant can be sure that each transaction is secure, trustworthy, and easily verified by regulators.

D3Ledger's Solution:
D3Ledger provides identification of assets so both private and corporate asset holders can prove their ownership through a single, standardized protocol.
The deal becomes a transaction in the network that is signed with parties' unique private keys. In this system, the financial custodians comprise the nodes of a private blockchain.

D3Ledger is built on Hyperledger Iroha, using key features such as multi-signature, which requires not just one but several keys to verify a transaction. Iroha also tokenizes the assets and ensures a truly BFT network via Yet Another Consensus.

On October 16, the first transaction was made via D3Ledger:
AddCapital Investment Fund started to use custody services from D3Ledger. Testing of key features of the service was completed in partnership with Lykke.

The first test transaction on the network consisted of the following entities as peers:
● KDD (Slovenian CSD)
● National Settlement Depository
● Lykke

On October 23rd, the transaction was finalized and the funds were successfully withdrawn.
The underlying code infrastructure proved itself reliable and safe.

To learn more about the project, please refer to the following sources:
D3Ledger's webpage
Webpage of Soramitsu Co., Ltd - a key contributor to Hyperledger Iroha
Paper on YAC
Sora Decentralized Autonomous Economy Homepage

Source code of D3Ledger is open sourced on GitHub and has passed a security audit by arm’s length partner, Lykke.