Today is the fifth anniversary of SORAMITSU. Over the last five years, a lot has happened! Just 2020 alone was a jam-packed year of work and many successes.

Just to summarize a few out of many, many things we have done over the last 5 years:

These last 5 years have been filled with interesting challenges and opportunities, since Ryu Okada and I founded SORAMITSU, along with Ikkei Matsuda. We've grown the company from a tiny, 2-person startup to a group of companies with almost 100 people. Running any company is quite difficult and if you are thinking about starting your own company, you should be very careful and only do so if you are able to accept failure without taking things too personally--it's a difficult and life-consuming journey!

However, for me as a co-founder and Group CEO, leading SORAMITSU has been an extraordinary honor and a way to actualize my vision of empowering people by giving them more control over their assets and personal information. To me, SORAMITSU has been a life-changing journey for myself and I look forward to the next five years!