Today Soramitsu turns three years old.

When Ryu Okada, Ikkei Matsuda, and I founded the company back in 2016, other than being united by a passion to use blockchain technology to improve the efficiency of society, we were not entirely certain of the path that we would take. We had an idea that we could use blockchain technology to create a self-sovereign digital identity, that could preserve both the privacy of the user and protect consumers of the identity against fraud (the protocol for which was published in IEEE in 2018). However, we did not know that this journey would bring us down the road to creating our own blockchain platform, Hyperledger Iroha, or that we would later be commissioned to work for central banks and stock exchanges, propelling our organization across three continents.

Looking back, over the last three years there has been amazingly fascinating people that I have been blessed with meeting, as well as very difficult times that required intense concentration and creativity. The singular thread that unites all these experiences across the last three years has been the unwavering cooperation of my co-founders, united in our passion towards building a better world.

With this year, we turn a corner with delivering several of our projects into production. Importantly, we are also on the verge of realizing the creation of a completely new type of economic system: the Sora Decentralized Autonomous Economy. For the first time in human history, everyone can participate in the decision-making process behind value creation to empower new goods and services. As we embark on this bold quest to bring many disparate actors to collaborate with each other to create a new economic, we look forward to continuing to work with the friends and partners we have, while we meet new, amazing people.